River Gage

Gage height is measured at the base of Snoqualmie Falls and is related to the volume and speed of the river.  It’s significant for floaters for two reasons:  higher gage heights mean reduced width of potential party areas, and the gravel bar at the exit trail in Fall City will be under water for gage heights above 5.0 feet.  Here’s the current gage reading:


4 responses to “River Gage

  1. Thanks a lot for this awesome page, it’s super helpful!
    I have one question: How does the Gage translate into speed? (miles per hour) Do you know what the current speed of the water flow is? I have an inflatable boat with 8HP outboard motor on it. It can go up to 18 mph on steady water. I’m planning to just drive upstream after I’m done floating with my friends and pack up my boat where I launched it. Would I have a problem going upstream? Thanks!

    • The speed of the river varies by location. Wider portions will be slower. Most floaters consider the overall time to float the distance which was reported to be about 3 to 3-1/2 hours yesterday (Friday 8/11) I strongly suggest you reconsider your plan to motor up the river for two reasons: 1)There are rocks which could potentially destroy your lower unit, 2) you would need all of your power to get upstream through the “pinch” above the golf courses. At the same time you would need to avoid tubers coming down the pinch in very close quarters. I’m not familiar with your boat but considering the river conditions it seems to be a bad idea. A better idea would be to leave you motor home, exit the river at Zurfleuh, and pay Fall City Floating a few bucks to ferry you back to your car.

  2. Hi Del. Love your site. Considering a float this upcoming weekend. Just wondering if the water levels are still high enough for a decent float. Have floated here before, just a little wary because I tried a late season float last year and the water levels got so low towards the end of the float that we literally had to walk down the river. What would you say the minimum water level is before we run into situations like this. Thanks!

    • I’ve not heard complaints about needing to walk even though the gage is below 3.0 feet. All Floaters should plan on walking past the danger tree at the “pinch” above the golf courses. Float time is reported to be about four hours.

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