Entry and Exit Sites

There have generally been seven sites used by floaters:

Power House is the furthest up the river. This site has historically been used by trainers teaching people to kayak because there is moderate white water at the base of the Falls.  The facility is accessed at the same location as the Plum River Access. It was off limits for several years as the power house was being rebuilt but has been re-opened to the public. Floaters and tubers should use the Plum River access instead.

Plum River Access is at the intersection of 372nd Av SE and SE Fish Hatchery Rd at the confluence with Tokul Creek.  This is the most popular site for floaters with small flotation devices to get on the river.  Washington Fish and Wildlife manages the site, provides disgusting out houses, and leaves it to volunteers to manage the trash.  A Discover Pass is required for parking on site.

Plum Boat Launch  is about a quarter mile west of Plum River Access (down river) and has a launch ramp for floaters with larger inflatables, pontoon boats, or drift boats  Fish and Wildlife provides a portable toilet and Fall City Floating manage the trash.  A Discover Pass is required for parking on site.

Zurfleuh  Boat Launch is located on SE 44th Pl on the SE quadrant of the confluence of the Snoqualmie and Raging Rivers.  The launch ramp is suitable for exiting the the river with drift boats and larger inflatables.  A portable toilet and trash bins are provided. A Discover Pass is required for parking on site.

SR-202 Bridge has historically been heavily used to exit the river by the majority of floaters.  The property is actually private but has been unofficially used as a tolerated trespass.  To avoid congestion in the middle of town floaters are asked to take out on the north side of the river into the Fall City Community Park. (TO MITIGATE CONGESTION ON sr-202 BARRICADES WILL BE PLACED TO BLOCK VEHICLE ACCESS TO THIS SITE ON EXPECTED HEAVY FLOATING DAYS BEGINNING WITH THE 2015 SEASON)

Fall City Community Park  A trail has been built on the north/right/starboard bank immediately down river from the SR-202 bridge.  This trail terminates at the Fall City Community Park parking lot where there are a portable toilet and trash facilities.  Parking is free and there is ample capacity for most events.

Fall City Community Park West   This exit is only mentioned as a fallback if you miss both of the upstream exits.  The trail into the park is less steep but it enters into the park at a location that makes it a long walk back to the parking lot.

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2 responses to “Entry and Exit Sites

  1. Are there any good entry/exit points downstream of those listed here? I plan on camping at Tolt-MacDonald and am trying to figure out if there’s a place I could put in, and then tube back to the campsite itself.

    • Floating down river of the Fall City bridge (SR-202) is discouraged for a couple of reasons. Agencies consider it somewhat unsafe because of water hazards and restricted access for emergency response. It also takes more time than most floaters want to spend on the river.

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